Stay in front of IFRS 17/LDTI compliance requirements without losing visibility

SAS® for Insurance Contract Valuation powered by Azure

Meet all IFRS 17/LDTI requirements – including accounting for insurance contracts and establishing a structured workflow process. Integrating risk and finance calculations enables you to streamline the flow of information and reporting of expected versus actual cash flows for all stakeholders.

How SAS on Azure enables insurance contract valuation (IFRS 17/LDTI)

Extract critical business value while meeting regulatory reporting requirements. Our end-to-end, governed platform facilitates faster, more powerful insurance contract valuation of IFRS 17/LDTI in a trusted cloud environment.

Purpose-built IFRS 17/LDTI solution

  • Delivers predictable, on-time IFRS 17/LDTI reports.
  • Provides a unified solution for meeting IFRS 17/LDTI compliance requirements.

Flexibility to scale

  • Supports actuarial analytics and other insurance risk requirements.
  • Scale beyond IFRS 17/LDTI, including actuarial analysis and IFRS 9/CECL compliance.

Robust data management

  • Enables data traceability in the most granular details.
  • Ensures data lineage discovery and audit-proof accounting.

Why choose SAS on Azure for insurance contract valuation (IFRS 17/LDTI)?

Our solution facilitates the timely tracking of results and metrics, addresses IFRS 17/LDTI regulatory requirements and fosters collaboration among actuaries, finance and IT with industry-leading capabilities.

Analytical framework for risk & finance integration

Underlying technology pieces are fully integrated with various business components, which may share functional capabilities and data.

Process orchestration

The solution provides an integrated environment for managing risk and financial data, including data collection, aggregation and allocation.


A dedicated flow supports the detailed accounting process – on a standalone basis or embedded in the end-to-end financial closing process.

Life insurance group uses the flexible SAS Solution for IFRS 17 to improve workflow management capabilities

Notably impressed by the readiness and flexibility of the SAS IFRS 17 solution, which responds definitively to the evolving needs of individual users. It manages data collection and validation seamlessly while improving workflow management capabilities to support the orchestration of job flows to address current and future IFRS 17 accounting and reporting rules.” Testimonial from a Pan-Asian life insurance group, headquartered in Hong Kong

Make it easier to find answers in the cloud

SAS and Microsoft make it easier for everyone to use analytics to ask and answer the questions that drive organizations forward.

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