Stay in front of IFRS 17 requirements for compliance without losing visibility

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SAS Solution for IFRS 17

Protect your investments in actuarial, accounting and related solutions by integrating key IFRS 17 capabilities – from orchestration of data and analytics to risk and profitability reporting.

Key features

An integrated environment for managing, auditing and tracing all steps of IFRS 17 compliance processes.

Comprehensive IFRS 17 solution

Helps you meet all IFRS 17 requirements through a structured process within a flexible environment, and provides financial planning capabilities for processing multiperiod scenarios for the future.

Analytical framework for risk & finance integration

Integrates underlying technology pieces with various business components, which may share functional capabilities and data. Provides a single source of data for both risk and finance calculations, as well as additional, more specific calculations.

Flexible implementation options

Enables you to implement your IFRS 17 project gradually, accommodating the evolution and maturation of processes over time as you get more familiar with the requirements and effects of the standard.

Process orchestration

Provides an integrated environment for managing risk and financial data, including data collection, aggregation and allocation; calculation of IFRS 17 measures; creation of accounting entries and disclosures; as well as automation and optimization of processes for financial planning related activities.


Provides a dedicated flow to support the detailed accounting process – on a standalone basis or embedded in the end-to-end IFRS 17 closing process. The flexible development logic connecting calculation and accounting processes adapts to any business requirements while enabling process owners to review and amend prior to general ledger postings.

Data management

Provides a predefined data model, connectivity and centralized metadata, data cleansing, ETL, data migration and synchronization, data federation and master data management.


Delivers IFRS 17 internal reports, disclosure statements and a financial planning dashboard as SAS Visual Analytics reports, so you can identify patterns and relationships that weren’t initially evident, including comparative analysis between production and scenario results. Combines interactive, self-service reporting with out-of-the-box advanced analytics so everyone can discover insights.

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