SAS/QC® Software

Improve product and process quality with statistical process control software.

Go beyond basic process control to improve products, optimize processes and boost customer satisfaction. Our powerful quality control software gives you a selection of tools whose depth and breadth is unmatched by other statistical process control (SPC) software packages.


Handle big data from multiple processes.

Monitor multiple processes and integrate a wide variety of data to get a complete picture of your quality improvement environment. SAS/QC operates on virtually any data source and runs across most computing platforms. Our quality control software enables you to maintain consistent standards and use all information collected to make better decisions.

Identify root causes.

It's not enough to recognize there's a quality problem; you have to find the root cause so you can fix it. Our SPC software provides sophisticated quality improvement tools and a guided interface for designing experiments and managing the experimental process. SAS/QC enables more advanced statistical analyses so you can create more efficient, cost-effective processes and improve products.

Improve products and processes.

Powerful tools support statistical quality improvement efforts across your entire organization – from understanding processes to control charting and assessing product reliability. A specialized interface enables engineers and researchers to manage each stage of the experimental design process, from building designs and determining significant effects to optimization and reporting.

Assess product reliability.

Graphical and statistical tools help reliability engineers and industrial statisticians working with life data and system repair data. These tools also benefit workers in other fields, such as medical research, pharmaceuticals, social science and business, where survival and recurrence data is analyzed.



  • Basic quality problem solving. Provides procedures for implementing the “basic seven QC tools” for analyzing data and presenting problem-solving activity results.
  • Statistical process control. Delivers flexible, comprehensive tools for implementing statistical process control.
  • GAGE application. Includes a point-and-click interface for assessing gage repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Process capability analysis. Provides a variety of graphical displays and statistical measures for comparing the distribution of an in-control process to its specification limits.
  • Reliability analysis. Includes graphical and statistical tools for performing reliability analysis for lifetime and repair data.
  • Analysis of means. Provides graphical and statistical methods for determining which treatment group yields the best/worst outcome.
  • Design of experiments. Provides procedures for generating factorial, fractional factorial and mixed-level experimental designs.

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