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Get a certification credential from SAS for less.

Got SAS skills? Get SAS certified, and set yourself apart. Students, educators and other academic staff can get 50 percent off the standard certification exam fees.

Why get SAS® certified?

  • Valuable investment that pays off. SAS Certification credentials are highly valued, and students, educators and other academic staff can get a SAS Certification credential at a steep discount – 50 percent off the standard, full-price, published fees.*
    *This discount is not available in China or India. Please email the country office in China or India to inquire about other discounts or promotions that may apply.
  • Recognition. SAS Certification credentials are globally recognized as the premier means for validating your SAS knowledge.
  • Access to higher-paying job opportunities. Of all skills considered by employers, SAS is one of the most valuable in terms of salary.

What SAS® Certification credentials are available?

SAS offers several certification credentials in the following areas:

  • Foundation Tools
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Administration
  • Technical Certifications for SAS Partners
Being a SAS Certified [Professional] does put me in a distinct league. When I talk to potential employers, they point to my SAS Certification as an advantage. K. Parekh Quantitative Health Care Analyst

How do I get a SAS® Certification credential?

  1. You must request a discount voucher prior to registering for a SAS Global Certification exam.
  2. Once you receive your discount voucher, you may select the certification credential you want, and register for the exam using the Get SAS Certified link below.

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