Build your own advertising ecosystem with a fully independent, first-party ad server

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SAS® 360 Match

Learn how our first-party ad server works.

Media Monetization

Openly and transparently monetize ad inventory.

  • Intelligently sell, personalize and deliver advertisements to drive ad revenue growth with a fully integrated ad management and sales workflow.
  • Allow for transparency in pricing, inventory and placement using third-party programmatic integrations.
  • Gain full control over your advertising space with a comprehensive advertising system.

Retail Media Networks

Use the power of customer data to deliver personalized advertising to retail sites and networks.

  • Deliver targeted advertising in retail media networks using first-party customer and behavioral data.
  • Create new revenue streams, building profitable partnerships with trusted advertisers and brands while serving personalized ads to appropriate audiences across all digital platforms.

Ad Personalization

Personalize experiences for a better customer journey.

  • Personalize advertising and marketing at scale with our flexible and transparent solution, designed to handle simple to complex business rules and criteria.
  • Control which ads and offers customers are seeing – and why – by moving away from a black-box approach to personalization.
  • Create detailed personalized offers and ensure IP protection with a standalone, agnostic ad platform.

See SAS 360 Match in action

Manage your ad inventory with a flexible ad server

Control your full workflow with SAS 360 Match, an ad server that allows you to plan, manage, forecast, serve, optimize and measure your ad inventory across all platforms. The flexibility of open APIs, S2S integration and a QA framework enable you to construct your own tech stack on top of SAS 360 Match to create a unique advertising ecosystem based on your business strategies.

A Framework for Growth

  • Manage direct sales, create a custom data integration, connect to monetization partners and more with a wide selection of tools and built-in solutions.
  • SAS 360 Match is supported by many demand-side platforms (DSPs) and integrates with many data management platforms (DMPs) and top supply-side platforms (SSPs).
  • Open APIs ease data import and file retrieval.


  • Combine business models and prioritize your ad products.
  • Preview the decisioning process and verify data integrations using our transparent system.
  • Quickly understand why a specific ad is serving.
  • Our Q&A tools also include spot preview, which supports multiunit ads and tear sheets.

Privacy by Design

  • Put consumer desires front and center.
  • Easily implement and manage opt-out, forget me and other privacy preferences throughout the ad-serving chain.
  • Manage external sets with short-term external IDs.
  • Activate tracking pixels in a proxy solution to prevent data leakage and manage risk.

Organizations of all sizes are making smarter advertising decisions with SAS

  • Watch the ITV customer success video

    Achieving highly targeted real-time ad decisioning at a massive scale

    Working with SAS, ITVX – the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK – has developed a best-in-class solution that automates creative delivery, reduces operational errors, creates significant efficiencies and enables rapid progress that keeps ITVX ahead of the market.

  • Read the REA Group customer success story

    Using customer intelligence to optimize advertising sales

    REA Group uses SAS to get granular, rapid ad inventory detail so its sales teams know exactly what inventory they can sell. With 3.2 billion ad impressions served up every 30 days, accessing granular detail is vital.

  • Mafra logo

    Increasing ad revenue by 10%

    SAS and partner Optimics helped MAFRA media group, the largest multimedia house in the Czech Republic, increase ad revenue by 10% with a solution that enables faster, more efficient campaign management and better, more granular reporting.

    How SAS integrates with your advertising ecosystem

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    First-party ad server frequently asked questions

    What advertising solutions does SAS sell?

    SAS offers a flexible, independent first-party ad server – SAS 360 Match. This solution:

    • Enables organizations to monetize ads with agility and data-driven success.
    • Helps various industries quickly adapt to market changes, experiment with ads and use data for precise forecasting.
    • Aids in sales workflow, ad volume forecasting, online ad delivery and reporting on advertising performance.

    Who uses SAS 360 Match?

    SAS 360 Match is used by retailers, publishers, financial services organizations, and communications and media companies around the world.

    How is SAS 360 Match priced and packaged?

    • SAS 360 Match is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • It is a metered solution, which means you license a baseline quantity of monthly ad requests on top of a base recurring annual subscription fee.

    What are the benefits of SAS 360 Match?

    • SAS 360 Match provides you with flexibility and complete control over your advertising ecosystem so you can avoid reliance on big-tech black box advertising technologies.
    • SAS 360 Match is a complete ad server with a full workflow for planning, managing, forecasting, serving, optimizing and measuring your ad inventory across all platforms.

    What makes SAS 360 Match unique?

    SAS 360 Match offers a unique blend of campaign delivery, advanced analytics and workflow tools to help you create new revenue streams while simultaneously improving the customer journey and experience.

    Want to learn more about our first-party ad server?

    We can help you get started with SAS 360 Match. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS advertising expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.