Capture behavioral information across your brand’s digital customer experience.

Generate business value quickly with 360-degree customer data views, segments, reports and models.

Build an accessible, unified view of your customers.

SAS 360 Discover provides a customer experience data model that can be integrated with any first-, second- or third-party data asset that your brand owns. By con­necting data sources, SAS provides a hybrid marketing view of the customer in the cloud or on-site to support reporting, analytics, modeling, campaign management, next-best actions, segmentation, attribution and personalization.

Rise above the limitations of traditional digital analytic reporting.

End-to-end data management, visualization, data mining and machine learning capabilities cater to no-code, low-code and high-code users. Empower data-driven team members of all skill levels and coding languages with automation and customization capabilities to maximize the analytical potential of web and mobile first-party data assets.

Infuse AI into your customer journey strategies.

Customers provide a wealth of information on your websites and mobile apps that reveal their buying plans, significant life changes and other insights that are frequently never communicated to the marketers responsible for personalizing their journeys. Capturing this digital intelligence and inte­grating it into analytical models derives actionable scoring for segmentation, propensities, recommendations and reinforcement learning. The marketer can leverage prescriptive insights in the same manner as filtering, suppressions and arbitration rules.


Extends past traditional digital analytic reporting by transforming raw semi-structured data streams flowing in from external user journey touch points into a structured data model with context-enabling analysis.

Data collection

Allows you to collect and feed every consumer interaction into a structured data model via a short script of HTML code for websites or SDK for mobile applications.

Open data model

Provides a structured, customer-centric data model with aggregated tables of digital interactions, including views. Easily integrates with existing offline customer data and facilitates analysis on anonymous user and customer journeys, as well as ad hoc reporting.

Post-data-collection contextualization

Lets you customize user identities, traffic sources, page categorization, page URLs and other classification rules to convert gathered data into information that simplifies data engineering workflows and derives analytical base tables to accelerate data science efforts.

Streaming data

Contextualizes data in real time and allows for the ability to make events available for event stream processing, facilitating real- and near-real-time reporting, analytics and decisioning.

No-, low- and high-code analysis

Provides a comprehensive visual and programming interface that empowers teams of all skill levels with simple, powerful and automated ways to handle interactive reporting, visual discovery, predictive analytics and machine learning.

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 integration

Makes additional contact, response and touch point interaction data available for use in analytics and engagement when other modules are turned on, taking advantage of the unified data model.

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