Achieving Quality Excellence

E-book: Become a quality-connected enterprise and why it’s the best way to stay profitable

The opportunity to drive business profitability and growth

Quality and reliability have become a strategic priority in the boardroom. Fueled by the Internet of Things, Connected Quality connects sensor data from the voices of the product and the process with the voice of the customer to achieve enterprise quality excellence. With connected quality, organizations benefit from a more positive brand image, higher profit margins and a leading market position.

Case Studies

AstraZeneca increased yield and quality of their products.
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How did Murata Manufacturing improves production yield with analytics?
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Western Digital
How are Western Digital able to identify potential failures early in the production to avoid yield excursions?
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Implementing analytics, Sub-Zero halves warrently.
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SAS work with some of those at the forefront of Quality

CEBR Report

The Manufacturing industry is expected to accrue the greatest economic benefits from big data. Find which other industry is set to benefit and by how much.

Download this report to find out what economic gains can made in your industry through analytics.

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Tim Clark
Industry Solutions Specialist, SAS UKI

Nilamdhab Mandal
Industry Solutions Manager, SAS UKI

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