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What kind of marketer are you? Paper
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What Kind of Marketer Are You?

Marketing Perspectives

About this paper

For the last five years, Marketing Week in association with SAS UK regularly surveyed 500+ individuals responsible for marketing activities in their businesses. Following on from this year's Marketing Perspectives report, published in March 2014, SAS and Marketing Week have delved deeper into the data. Applied some of SAS advanced analytics. And discovered five very different types of marketer working in the UK.

  • Where are you on the spectrum from traditional media such as TV and outdoor through to webinars and cutting-edge social media at the other?
  • Which channel does each type of marketer claim as its own?
  • Where does their confidence in using the channel lag behind how much they spend?

Download “What kind of Marketer are You?” and find out how the face of UK marketing is changing.

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