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Next Generation Data Analytics from SAS:

scalable, collaborative, trusted tech for academic research and teaching

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Benefits of using SAS Viya in an academic context

To prepare them for the workplace, your students need exposure to industrystandard analytics tools. SAS Viya is at the forefront of data analysis, machine learning and AI and enhances academic Data Science practice through:

SAS Viya is

scalable for any amount of data

 inclusive of open source code 

in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

time-saving allowing hugely accelerated project collaboration & completion

intuitive tools facilitate data

  • capture,
  • management,
  • analysis,
  • model management & operational deployment efficiency 

SAS Viya Webinar series
Exploring the benefits of SAS Viya in academic teaching and research

State-of-the-art cloud tech from SAS for data science teaching & research

“Increasingly, our world is judged by how businesses operate, especially in higher education. We need cutting-edge tools to show the value of what we do.” Larry Burns Oklahoma State University

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Through innovative analytics and the seamless integration of SAS and Open Source, learn how to use SAS with open source to drive analytic value and achieve trusted decisions. 

Data Science Resources from SAS

Whether you’re a researcher, lecturer or student, we have a number of routes to help you on your journey

Teaching & Learning Resources:
Featuring instruction guides, presentations, data sets, e-learning and access to software – all for free.

Academic Case Study Library:
Analytical case studies developed for academic learning to demonstrate the power and real-world applications of SAS data analytics.

SAS Certification:
A passport to a career in data science. We are offering students access to software and training for free. Help your students build their future with SAS certifications.

Digital Badges for SAS Skills:
Linking graduates to job vacancies in preferred areas and industries.

Graduates with SAS skills are highly employable all over the world.

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Analytical efficiency of using SAS Viya prepares students for exciting roles in the new economy

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Boosting Your Machine Learning Productivity with SAS® Viya®.

Hear from Stefan Stoyanov,  a former MSc student at Surrey University and currently Associate Data Scientist with Analytium Group on why he believes SAS Viya is a “game changer”

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Data Science gives you the opportunity to change the world

Read this SAS Blog, the first in our Young Data Scientists series, featuring the motivation, work and advice of the next generation of data scientists. Be sure to check back for future posts, or read the whole series.

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Analysing ‘Love at First Sight’

Read this student Blog as Stefan Stoyanov, a former MSc student at Surrey University and currently Associate Data Scientist with Analytium Group used the SAS Viya Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning free trial along with the GitHub challenge to help him understand the most important factors and help predict a potential match with someone special the first time we meet.

Four Winning Strategies for Digital Transformation

Four Winning Strategies to Kick-Start the Next Chapter of your Digital Transformation

Advanced analytics and AI continue to carve out a powerful role as a transformer of efficiency and competitive advantage. Now is a time of intensification, when IT and data science leaders must adopt analytics and AI through a cohesive strategy to accelerate digital transformation while containing the associated costs.