Skip the fire drills

Using a modeling approach to become more data driven

By Aiman Zeid, Global Consultant, SAS

Does this sound familiar? Sales plunge or profits sag. Everyone scrambles to react. A technical team is assembled. Data is gathered and analyzed.

Meanwhile, another unit or division is holding its own data gathering and analysis fire drill. It could be using the same data, or a different set. It could be analyzing the contents the same way as other units – or an entirely different way. It could come up with a slightly different interpretation of what is going on – or a wildly different one. No matter what happens, executives are left scratching their heads as they try to make the right decision.

And as soon as the next crisis arises the whole process starts over. It’s an ad hoc way to use information to drive decision making and it’s all too common in companies around the world.
But there is a better way.

Working with a model and focusing on improving the maturity of the people, process, technology and culture can’t happen without executive support.

Think people, process, technology and culture

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