Leverage advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to achieve true customer-centricity. Reduce roll-rate, lower debt collection costs and increase customer retention.

Why do Utilities choose SAS for optimising Credit and Collections strategies?

Predict cash flow and reduce bad debt
Gain insights into the risk characteristics that lead to delinquency and bad debt. Control risk in your customer portfolios and improve acquisition strategies.

Understand propensity and ability to pay
Achieve a personalised approach to managing debt by building risk scores for customers based on credit ratings and payment history.

Increase collection process efficiency
Segment customers according to risk attributes, demographics, behaviour, and boost your conversion rates.

Every step of the way, SAS equips your collection teams with the powerful tools and insights to timely decision-making and provide personalised service to each customer.

As a result, your collections strategies maximise customer lifetime value and prevent losses, while growing your bottom line.   

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How and when you engage with your customers during the collections process can make a significant difference to your financial results. It will also have a major impact on your customers’ lives, and the tenure of your relationship with them.”

David Ferguson,
Head of Risk,
SAS Institute

Discover how advanced analytics assists you taking a customer-centric strategy to maximise revenues while decreasing losses.

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SAS helps Scottish Power to manage and minimise debt across 5 million customers.

Each year we want to do more and work faster – providing more intelligence to the business because that's what will ultimately make us more competitive – and SAS helps us to do that. We now mail out 43% fewer reminders to [guaranteed payers].”

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