Quality assurance


All SAS teachers are holders of a valid SAS Certificate gained during a certification exam. These exams verify objectively and in a standard way if the teacher has an in-depth knowledge of the SAS system and SAS-tools.

Pedagogical and didactical skills

SAS Customer Training takes care of the pedagogical and didactical skills of the trainers as well. To that end internal meetings, train the trainer sessions… are organized.
This guarantees that SAS teachers explain the material step by step with the adequate attention for every individual.

Customer Satisfaction

Qfor is a quality audit that focuses specifically on training and consulting organizations and other providers of 'knowledge based services'. An organization can choose between an audit of its customers' satisfaction or an audit of the internal processes. We chose for a 'client scan' as we wanted to get a picture of our customers' perception: what do they think of our training services?

When an organization receives a Qfor-label, this means that it has been screened, with a positive result on the level of customer perception: a least 80% of the interviewed customers is satisfied.

The result of the Qfor audit, performed in the summer of 2017, of SAS Customer Training: 100% of the customers are satisfied with our training services!
It demonstrated and confirmed our customer focus, our efficient organization, the quality of our trainers and the rich course offering.