Supplier Resources

Get access to SAS third-party supplier resources, such as purchase order terms and conditions, invoicing instructions and PTP support mailboxes

Invoicing and Procure-to-Pay (PTP) Instructions

PTP Guidance

List Purchase Order (PO) number on applicable invoices and queries. Invoices must reference correct SAS Legal entity from PO. One PO per invoice. PO is subject to SAS' terms and conditions via

Contact for PTP inquiries.

Invoicing Instructions

Send PDF invoice to with Supplier Name/Invoice Number_300000004957155 in subject line.

Additional Invoicing Instructions

Purchase Order (PO) Invoices:

  • Ensure invoices are billed to the correct SAS Legal Entity by checking "Invoicing Instruction" associated with the SAS Legal entity the supplier is working with.
  • Supplier must bill one PO per invoice. Can bill multiple lines from the PO as applicable.
  • PO invoices must list applicable PO number.
  • Acceptable formats are docx, pdf, jpg, tiff, png.
  • Supplier should not encrypt or password protect invoices.

Invoices without POs:

  • Supplier must send invoice via email to the SAS contact requesting the goods and/or service for processing and payment. If the supplier submits the invoice following the Invoicing Instructions above, the supplier must list their SAS business contact on the invoice.