SAS® Customer Success

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SAS® Customer Success

Partnering to solve your business challenges

Our Mission

We support our customers in realizing the added value of their investment, in increasing the acceptance and use of the software, and in keeping an eye on the overall success in the customer's interest.

Learn more about a proven success model, field-tested methods and about us as a partner.

Globally connected, locally anchored. A strong team by your side.

Whatever your business goals, SAS can help you achieve them faster - or exceed them.
More than four decades of experience in advanced analytics form the foundation of our consulting and support services. In doing so, the Customer Success team acts as a liaison between your organization and the SAS organization. If necessary, we can draw on a pool of highly qualified specialists, so you can always rely on our best expertise.

Yves Van de Vyvere
Principal Customer Success Manager

Gerco van der Laan
Sr Customer Success Manager

Joachim Dellicour
Sr. Customer Succes Manager

Michael Otten
Manager Customer Success SAS Benelux

Jeroen Bekers
Principal Customer Success Manager

Michael Lensink
Sr. Customer Success Manager

Rudi Janssens
Sr. Customer Success Manager

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SAS has always believed in the power of customer collaboration. Over the years, the thoughts you’ve shared have directly influenced the development of our capabilities, and your candid feedback has helped shape a new generation of solutions. Working together, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of what analytics can do. Dr. Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO

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