Dr. Sascha Schubert
Advisory Business Solutions Manager

Throughout his career, Sascha has been involved in applying advanced analytics, data mining and artificial intelligence to many different business problems in a variety of industries, mainly in finance and telecommunication.

His main focus is on applying advanced analytics to optimize business processes in areas such as customer intelligence, risk management, financial crime detection, and prevention as well as predictive maintenance. He educates businesses and public organizations on the value of analytical techniques such as machine learning, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and in-memory analytics.

Sascha is helping organizations to understand the value of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in the era of big data, digitalization and the internet of things and to develop analytical solutions that will optimize business processes for better efficiency and customer experience. The value of analytics for business and society is also a favorite topic of his numerous internal and external presentations.

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Speaker engagements

Oct. 2019Bridging the last mile of the analytics life cycle - SAS Model Management
July 2019Governance of analytical models
March 2019Trust: The single currency for ethical and productive AI
AI Roadshow PragueSAS
March 2018Drive the Change - Digital Transformation in Banking
AI Roadshow PragueSAS

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