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Small and midsize businesses drive digital transformation with advanced analytics and open source integration.

Why choose SAS® for financial services analytics?

For over 40 years, SAS has been trusted to provide analytic insights for financial services. Our affordable, easy-to-use solutions integrate with open source and scale as your business grows. SAS invests 25% of revenue each year to develop and innovate. Flexible deployment options – on-site, SAS Cloud, your own private or public cloud – help you deliver and accelerate your digital transformation.

SAS® Drives Business Outcomes

For Seacoast Bank, SAS analytics and machine learning are at the heart of connecting with customers and anticipating their needs.

Solutions & Use Cases to Help Your Business

Turn your data into insights with analytics, AI/machine learning, cloud, open source, fintech, regtech and insurtech technologies. Manage increasing regulatory demands and stop fraud in its tracks. Maximize return on capital. Achieve operational excellence. And create personalized customer experiences.

Digital Transformation

Improve and personalize the customer experience journey. Drive operational efficiency.

Risk Management

Optimize capital and liquidity. Meet CECL, IFRS 17 and LDTI regulatory demands.

Fraud & Financial Crimes

Enhance fraud detection and AML. Drive efficient, effective investigations.

The Future of Credit Scoring

Learn how the SAS profitability model approach delivers innovative results.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.