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Getting Started With SAS Viya

The AI and analytics life cycle is how you deliver data-driven decisions. The faster you move through it – by automating as much of the process as possible – the more value you’ll gain from your analytics investment.

Everything you need, all in one platform.

Access and integrate data from virtually any source with our data management capabilities. A suggestion engine simplifies data prep. And data governance tracks data and model lineage, so if your data changes, you'll know which models need retraining.

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    Get seamless, transparent read, write and update access to data, regardless of source or platform.

  • SAS Data Preparation screenshot showing self-service data prep

    Build robust data pipelines to ingest, transform and serve the highest-quality data.

  • SAS Information Governance screenshot showing data quality metrics

    Build trust in data, understand lineage and gain transparency.

  • SAS Visual Analytics showing VA report with menu overlays

    Discover and explore relationships in data and share insights that go beyond basic BI.

    Our AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature engineering capabilities, providing you with intelligent recommendations for faster, smarter decisions.

    • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning showing pipeline for automated feature engineering

      Support end-to-end data mining and machine learning processes with visual and programming interfaces for users of all skill levels.

    • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning showing load default champion model

      Tune for peak performance through model tournaments to identify the most effective model.

    • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning showing automated insights

      SAS Viya automatically generates insights to help you solve complex analytical problems with ease.

      Deploy complex analytics projects into production and keep them there. SAS can help you automate tasks, govern decisions and deploy every type of model quickly.

      • SAS Model Manager Screenshot

        Simplify the creation and management of your model collection. Easily embed models into operational systems to monitor performance.

      • SAS Model Manager screenshot showing Python registry

        Ensure models will perform as expected in the real world.

      • SAS Model Manager screenshot showing performance report monitoring

        Embed models into operational systems and monitor them. Integrate business rules to ensure up-to-real-time results.

      • SAS Viya showing decision builder

        Combine business rules, real-time event detection, decision governance and powerful analytics capabilities to automate your operational decisions.

        Clear decisions at any scale.

        Enterprises choose to use Viya because it provides so many analytic techniques in one platform. But businesses of all sizes – and analytic needs – can find Viya capabilities that suit their needs.

        Matrix programming

        Easily translate mathematical formulas into innovative programs for matrix computations, numerical analysis, optimization, simulation, statistics and data analysis.


        Quickly and reliably predict outcomes and plan better for the future. SAS supports all stages of forecasting and automates large-scale time series analyses and hierarchical forecasts.

        Text analytics

        Scale the human act of reading, organizing and extracting useful information from huge volumes of textual data.


        Deliver the best results given resource constraints. With SAS, you can consider more alternative actions and scenarios, and determine the best allocation of resources and plans for accomplishing goals.


        Model, forecast and simulate complex economic and business scenarios using huge amounts of observational data.

        Event streaming analytics

        Analyze streaming data, uncover hidden insights with AI, and make real-time, intelligent decisions in the environment of your choice.

        Advanced workload management

        Extend the power of Kubernetes by optimizing and prioritizing SAS workloads within a Kubernetes cluster.

        Real-time distributed database

        Gain open access to data and accelerate analytical processes with the SingleStore database embedded in our analytics platform.


        Combine business rules with analytical models to deliver objective, repeatable actions. Our decision support capabilities accelerate and augment human decision making in real time to enable a better experience for your customers.

        SAS Viya Foundational Offerings

        Faster innovation. Complete integration. Trusted results. Flexibility to meet your needs.

        The SAS Viya platform offers packaged solutions for every data and analytics need and for every use case. Choose the offering that meets your requirements today, knowing that you have a flexible path to the future in a single, expandable environment.

        SAS VIYA
        SAS VIYA
         Data access & integration
         Data preparation & data quality
         Data catalog & data governance  
         Visualization & reporting
         Conversational AI & chatbots
         Matrix programming  
         Machine learning & deep learning
         Model deployment & management  
         Text analytics  
         Event streaming analytics      
         Decision support/digital decisioning      

        SAS VIYA
        SAS VIYA

        The analytics you need – delivered on your terms.

        Whether you want to use your own cloud, the SAS Cloud for hosted services or one of the providers listed below, SAS is here for you.

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