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Fuel growth, drive digital transformation and innovate with the power of SAS® analytics.

Why do businesses of all sizes choose SAS?

SAS helps you accelerate growth and gain a competitive advantage.

Our open-source analytics solutions are rightsized to help you delight customers, increase revenue, reduce costs and gain new insights. Trusted and proven, SAS offerings are affordable and address a range of initiatives – from visualization to artificial intelligence and machine learning – with flexible deployment options.

Delivering Analytics for Small and Midsize Businesses

Find out how SAS helps organizations like yours leverage data to grow, increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. 

Sparking Growth With SAS

Your data is your most valuable currency. Using SAS analytics to make better business decisions is a direct link to monetizing your data. Learn how other companies are working smarter with SAS.

In the Spotlight

Affordable Marketing Analytics

Get started now with SAS Customer Intelligence 360.

Hosted Managed Services for SMBs

Learn how you can accelerate your analytics with SAS hosted managed services on Azure.

The SAS Difference for SMBs

Simple, Affordable, Flexible Analytics for All

SAS integrated analytics solutions are easy to install, manage and scale – and they're accessible by all, from business analysts to data scientists. Our solutions fit all budgets and drive ROI in days and months, not years. Flexible deployment options include on-premises, cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Analytics Leader

Only SAS offers solutions that integrate with open source and all types of data (structured, text, pictures).

Customer Experience

Reimagine marketing with real-time, personalized experiences that increase profits and brand loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-embedded capabilities, such as machine learning and computer vision, provide intelligent, automated solutions.

Strong Partnerships

SAS partners help you craft strategy and deploy smart, affordable analytics solutions.

Hot Trends for SMBs

According to IDC, digitalization, managed services and customer experience are fueling analytics investment and priorities.


will significantly increase IT spending to be more digitally resilient by 2026


will move from on-premises to managed services by 2024


will increase investments in analytics by 2024


will offer a multi-tech customer experience by 2024

SAS for ...

Accessible to everyone from novices to experts, SAS provides easy-to-use visualization and reporting for those early in their analytics journey, and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for those further along the analytics journey.

Small & Midsize Business Analytics Solutions