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Μία νέα, ανοιχτή πλατφόρμα.

Θα φέρει την καινοτομία στα analytics.



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Από τον παγκόσμιο ηγέτη στα analytics , έρχεται μία σύγχρονη, ανοικτή πλατφόρμα που μπορεί να ανταποκριθεί σε κάθε πρόκληση που κρύβουν τα analytics – από δοκιμαστικές εφαρμογές μέχρι εφαρμογές που επηρεάζουν κρίσιμες αποφάσεις. Η SAS Viya είναι ένα ενιαίο, cloud-ready περιβάλλον, που εξυπηρετεί τους πάντες – από data scientists, business analysts, application developers μέχρι και στελέχη – παρέχοντας αξιόπιστη, επεκτάσιμη, ασφαλή διαχείριση των analytics και ουσιαστική διακυβέρνηση για την ευελιξία του IT.




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Get to Know SAS® Viya

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Announcing SAS Viya

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A Modern Analytic Environment

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A Diverse Analytic Culture

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More ROI from Big Data


SAS® Viya Products

SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning running on SAS Viya


SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

Boost your analytical productivity. Find faster, more creative answers to even the most complex problems. This open, scalable, advanced analytics environment:

  • Combines data wrangling, data exploration and visualization, feature engineering and dimension reduction – as well as advanced unsupervised and supervised learning techniques – with an interactive, web-based programming interface.
  • Lets you use your preferred programming language – SAS, Python, Java, Lua – to analyze large, complicated data and uncover new insights faster.
  • Enables dramatic performance gains by removing the barriers created by data sizes, data diversity, limited analytical depth and computational bottlenecks.

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SAS Visual Investigator running on SAS Viya


SAS® Visual Investigator

Detect, predict, prevent and halt fraudulent activity with greater speed and accuracy. Combining easy-to-use features and visualization capabilities with the full power of SAS' advanced analytics and machine learning technology, this single, cloud-based investigative analysis solution:

  • Empowers intelligence analysts and investigators to conduct more efficient alert triage, and more thorough proactive and reactive investigations, to determine the best course of action.
  • Identifies key patterns, connections, people and events hidden in complex data using real-time entity analytics and network building capabilities.
  • Minimizes the total cost of ownership through agile cloud deployment and flexible configuration options that adapt to meet changing business needs and respond to both new and shifting fraud trends.
SAS Visual Statistics running on SAS Viya


SAS® Visual Statistics
running on SAS® Viya

Analyze different types of data, with unseen granularity. Delve deeper into your data than ever before to unearth opportunities that previously remained hidden. This powerful, in-memory offering will:

  • Boost productivity with a single, integrated environment that addresses all steps necessary to turn raw data into valuable answers.
  • Put descriptive and predictive modeling techniques at your fingertips, so you can create, compare and refine models on the fly to get the best results.  
  • Foster peer collaboration in an easy-to-use, shared environment where multiple users can simultaneously analyze large amounts of data stored in SAS, databases and Hadoop.

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Visual Analytics on SAS Viya - desktop screen centered


SAS® Visual Analytics
running on SAS® Viya

Visually explore relationships and patterns in data – smartly, quickly and easily. Illuminate critical insights with self-service analytics. SAS Visual Analytics running on SAS Viya will enable you to:

  • Evaluate all options and possibilities, using interactive data discovery to find out why something happened and identify critical drivers in a well-governed manner.
  • Quickly create interactive reports and dashboards that you can share with front-line users via the web, mobile devices and Microsoft applications.
  • Put easy-to-use analytics at everyone's fingertips, so analysts can assess possible outcomes and make smarter, data-driven decisions.
Analytics as a Service from SAS running on SAS Viya


Analytics as a Service from SAS
running on SAS® Viya

Get the power and reliability of SAS Viya with zero startup through on-demand cloud deployment. Data scientists, web developers and application engineers can embed public REST APIs into custom applications, freeing them to focus on application building instead of testing, assessing and comparing algorithms. In addition, you can:

  • Call current APIs – for prediction, scoring, forecasting, sentiment, categorization, parsing and text topics – from your language of choice (SAS, Python, Lua or Java).
  • Quickly get up to speed with the API feature set through easy-to-use example apps.
  • Access machine learning and cognitive computing capabilities easily with a few mouse clicks.
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