SAS® Cost and Profitability Management

Model business processes to determine cost and profitability, as well as what drives them.

Get answers to questions about precise process or activity costs, as well as the profitability of customers, products and distribution channels.

Better understand cost and profitability.

SAS Cost and Profitability Management enables you to better understand which products, customers and segments are profitable, identify cost-reduction opportunities and determine what drives profitability. Quickly update plans and forecasts in response to new threats and opportunities. Identify and analyze the impact of changes as they happen.

Better manage costs and improve processes.

No matter your industry – manufacturing, telecom, aviation, utilities, retail, transportation, financial services, etc. – SAS Cost and Profitability Management enables you to identify opportunities to control costs and improve process efficiency by determining the true cost of a product, process or service.

Identify your most valuable customers.

With SAS Cost and Profitability Management, you can model the cost to serve customers at the transaction level. This enables you to produce profitability analysis and profit and loss (P&L) reporting by customer or customer segment, including the “profit cliff,” which visually segments and distinguishes those customers contrib­uting to overall profit from those who are eroding it. You can then target your marketing strategy and resources toward acquiring, retaining, migrating and growing the most profitable customers.

Predict resource and capacity needs.

With the consumption-driven modeling methods in SAS Cost and Profitability Management, you can accurately predict the resource implications of changes in output demand, including measurement of unused capacity, activity-based budgeting, what-if scenarios and simula­tion analysis.

Understand profitability drivers within your organization.

By capturing costs at the activity and transaction levels, you can assign them, along with revenues, to different dimensions — e.g., products, organizations and services — to evaluate the impact of those costs on your P&L and accurately measure their profitability.


Create a quantum shift for financial and profit analytics across your enterprise.

Flexible & scalable modeling

Delivers the most advanced cost and profitability modeling capabilities available, supporting a rich set of modeling features and a highly scalable model architecture.

Advanced costing & profitability calculation

Supports hundreds of costing methods and theories – both top-down and bottom-up – allowing you flexibility in modeling the way your business is designed.

Analysis & reporting

Provides all the analysis and reporting capabilities you need to perform on-screen, multidimensional profit and cost analysis and create customized activity-based reports.

Data management

Delivers the most powerful ETL capabilities available and simplifies ongoing data warehouse operation through unique process management capabilities.

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