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Hadoop brings big data. We bring everything else.

88% of organizations see Hadoop as an opportunity. Are you in?

Adding Hadoop to your big data mix? Now what? SAS provides everything you need to derive valuable insights from all that data. Extensive data management – because prepping data is hugely time consuming. Visual data discovery. In-memory processing. Sophisticated analytics. And the ability to quickly deploy the models that provide the best answers.

What do you need to succeed with Hadoop? Our eight-step checklist includes data preparation, in-memory analytics, data visualization and more.


Why is SAS uniquely qualified to help make sense out of data in Hadoop? Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management at SAS, explains.

Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management at SAS, discusses how the SAS strategy around Hadoop helps customers modernize their analytics initiatives.

What People Are Saying

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"Our goal was to analyze growing volumes of network and customer data with greater speed, in seconds instead of minutes, accelerating the decision-making process. Hadoop and SAS have provided that ability."

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"Organizations who are already invested in SAS – or organizations looking to add a robust Hadoop component – would do well to consider the SAS suite of Hadoop-related solutions."

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"SAS continues to be an analytics powerhouse. With a strategic focus on analytics since 1973, it is no surprise that SAS offers predictive analytics solutions that offer almost every feature a data scientist or business user could ever want."

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