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SAS Nordic Users Newsletter

SAS Nordic Users Newsletter
Your source for the latest information for SAS users

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Industry Newsletters

SAS Financial Services News
Your opportunity to get the latest industry news from SAS

SAS customers in the financial services industry can stay informed with this global quarterly e-newsletter. Read about how to best leverage your current SAS investments to address changing business and regulatory requirements, and stay up-to-date on emerging strategies from SAS for financial services. In every issue, you'll see features such as:

  • Q&As with financial services experts.
  • Success stories about how other SAS customers in financial services around the globe are improving their businesses.
  • Events where you can collect best practices, learn about new technologies and network with peers.
  • And much more.

SAS Health and Life Sciences News
Health care and life sciences industry news from SAS

Soaring health care costs, rigorous government regulations, increased competition and unprecedented change. Never before has there been greater opportunity for analytics to help organizations navigate through these times of uncertainty.

Stay informed of the latest developments in these dynamic industries with this global e-newsletter from SAS. Learn how to make the most of your current SAS investments to optimize existing processes and create innovative solutions that will give you a sustainable competitive advantage. You'll also stay up-to-date on emerging technologies from SAS – created specifically for the health care and life sciences industries. Each issue includes:

  • Commentary from industry experts.
  • Case studies and best practices from SAS customers in health care and life sciences organizations around the globe.
  • Suggested books and training.
  • Upcoming events, and much more.

SAS Retail News
The hottest retail news, best practices and more from SAS

More than any other business influence, competition characterizes the retail industry. Stay ahead of the competition with this global quarterly e-newsletter. Read about how to optimize your current SAS Retail investments so you can gain competitive advantage, strengthen customer and vendor loyalty, and improve profitability. You'll also stay up-to-date on the latest technologies from SAS. Every issue of the e-newsletter includes:

  • Features from retail experts.
  • Case studies and success stories highlighting SAS customers in the retail industry.
  • And much more.

Support & Technology Newsletters

SAS Statistics and Operations Research News
Detailed news for SAS analytical software users

This bimonthly newsletter informs statisticians and OR specialists, econometricians and data analysts about SAS software news and highlights specific to their interests. It is closely aligned with the Statistics and Operations Research focus area on, which covers SAS analytical software, including SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS, SAS/OR, SAS/QC and SAS/IML. Subscribe to stay up-to-date concerning:

  • Product releases.
  • Highlights of new releases.
  • Tips and techniques.
  • Upcoming conferences and courses showcasing SAS software.
  • Real-world examples.
  • Best practices.
  • And more.

SAS Tech Report
Delivered to your desktop twice monthly

The SAS Tech Report and its companion, the SAS Tech Report: Tips Extra, are chock full of resources for SAS software users of all skill levels. Each issue includes:

  • Tips and how-tos for using SAS.
  • Thought-provoking examples.
  • Highlights of helpful papers, videos and resources.
  • SAS software and support news.
  • And more.

SAS Learning Report
Training, certification and publications news from SAS

Delivered to your inbox monthly, this e-newsletter contains:

  • Announcements about new or revised SAS training courses and services.
  • The latest certification program news, and materials to help you prepare for the exams.
  • News about seminars, special events and promotional offers, and tips for using SAS software.
  • The latest information about books and documentation to augment your learning.

JMP Newsletter

JMP Newswire
Monthly news update for JMP users

JMP Newswire is the best way to be sure you know about every JMP resource, event, customer story and more. The e-newsletter delivers comprehensive JMP coverage every month, including stories on:

  • Webcasts.
  • Seminars.
  • Conferences.
  • Featured blogs.
  • Customer stories.
  • User resources.

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