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Customer Profitability

With banks under pressure to re-build their balance sheets, competition for depositors and low-risk borrowers is high. However, they must assess and manage individual banking customer profitability extremely carefully - or risk doing so at the cost of total operating profit.

The trouble is, performing effective banking customer profitability analysis can be extremely challenging. With millions of customers and hundreds of financial products - each with their own pricing and cost rules - traditional finance systems struggle to cope. They fail to work together to deliver a comprehensive view of all products, let alone deliver any more than a superficial analysis of customer banking activities.

As a result of this, banks could well be mis-pricing products, over-incentivising customers, harbouring unnecessary costs in the back office - quite simply, losing money hand over fist.

How SAS Can Help

Our Customer Profitability solution allows Banks to move beyond the confines of traditional cost accounting and build sophisticated cost models with an exceptional degree of granular detail. This creates a uniquely accurate picture of customers, processes and products, enabling banks to identify and sell to their most profitable customers in the most cost-effective way.

Our Banking Customer Profitability solution enables our customers to perform:

  • Transaction level profitability modelling: for an accurate and detailed picture of each customer based on their transaction history.
  • Back-office cost analysis: to ensure that overhead costs are accurately allocated
  • Automated data feeds into the profitability model reduce the time and effort needed to create up-to-date analyses
  • Customer segmentation: identifying both common and unusual patterns in behaviour for better insight and sharper decision making
  • Customer lifetime value modelling: turning a snapshot picture of the customer into a predictive model and creating better long-term decisions


SAS can combine a number of market-leading products to create the ideal solution for customer profitability:


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