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SAS® Financial Intelligence

SAS financial intelligence provides every essential capability for the finance department, all built on a single platform. Capabilities include integration and cleansing of all financial data, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, simulation, risk management and more. With the combined power of SAS financial intelligence components, you can improve the accuracy of plans and budgets and understand profit drivers to grow profitability. To learn how to improve performance and grow profits with SAS, explore our Financial Crisis Info Kit.

Components of SAS® Financial Intelligence

  • SAS Activity-Based Management – Capture costs at the activity level to understand underlying causal relationships and acquire a detailed picture of how corporate resources are used.
  • SAS Financial Management – Embed advanced SAS Analytics into budgets and plans for more accurate forecasting, and provide comprehensive reports on demand.
  • SAS Profitability Management – Calculate profitability for customers, products and channels at the transactional level where costs are incurred.
  • SAS Strategy Management – Align the organization with long-term goals by communicating KPIs to employees and enabling them to identify causal links between KPIs to improve performance.

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