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SAS Viya Workbench

Purpose-built for developers and modelers, Viya Workbench is a self-service, on-demand compute environment for analytical development, including building AI and machine learning models for better data analysis.

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SAS Viya Workbench – Available on AWS Marketplace

In this webinar, you'll learn how Viya Workbench allows you to build AI models from scratch and streamline work by pulling in existing Python or SAS projects – with minimal to no code modification needed.

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What users are saying about Viya Workbench

  • A major advantage to SAS Viya Workbench is the flexibility it provides for my coding experience. Whether I’m creating a web app, testing an API, creating a machine learning pipeline or exploring some big data stored in the cloud, it allows me to select the right machine and IDE for each of those jobs. The easy-to-manage compute scalability not only speeds up the development process, but also reduces the overall compute cost for my team.” Matt, Systems Engineer
  • I can use Matplotlib. I can use Seaborn. I can access the SAS Synthetic Data Generator API capability through a Python API. I use all the functions that, as a developer, I've been learning since I started Python. I like that I can jump in and be productive because I have all of the packages I need and want." Yi Jian, Solutions Architect
  • There is essentially no learning curve. And as a developer, I could easily get started with just using the Viya models in Python without having to read up on the documentation.” Karthik, Python Developer

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