Education Visualization and Analytics Solution

SAS EVAAS for K-12

Advance student learning through powerful analytics and comprehensive visualizations.

Support school improvement and planning with analytics and reporting.

Our Education Visualization and Analytics Solution (EVAAS) provides educators with powerful tools for reflecting on practices and planning for students’ future needs and goals. When used in concert with other local information, educators can be proactive, make sound instructional choices and use resources more strategically to ensure that every student has the best chance to succeed.

How EVAAS Helps Teachers

The SAS reporting suite provides educators with information to support tiered instruction, make data-driven decisions, and identify students who could benefit from additional support or enrichment opportunities. EVAAS helps teachers:

  • Understand students' academic backgrounds prior to them entering the classroom.
  • Make decisions about curriculum, student support and instructional strategies to address the needs of all students.
  • Examine academic growth patterns to consider what is working well and what might need to be adjusted.
  • Monitor student progress and differentiate instruction for all students.
  • Identify students who could benefit from long-term plans and support to reach their goals.
  • Inform parent-teacher conferences with objective information on student outcomes.

How EVAAS Helps Educational Leaders

SAS provides data to inform educational leaders’ decisions related to equitable learning opportunities, educator support and school improvement planning. EVAAS helps educational leaders:

  • Advocate for resources based on gaps in opportunities, outcomes and students’ needs.
  • Equip communities of practice with data-driven tools for cross-sharing educational insights among schools and districts.
  • Support professional development planning based on teachers’ needs.
  • Identify staff members who can serve in leadership positions or mentor other educators.
  • Examine hiring practice outcomes and support the search for educational talent.
  • Identify trends across different student groups to inform school improvement plans and strategies.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness among specific student groups.
  • Make data-driven student scheduling and placement decisions.

How EVAAS Helps Policymakers

Policymakers use EVAAS to understand the impact of policies and programs to make more informed decisions for students, schools and communities. EVAAS helps policymakers:

  • Examine data that can inform policies addressing specific student, school and district needs.
  • Evaluate policies and programs based on student learning outcomes.
  • Inform policies that consider student growth and student preparedness for college and career options.
  • Address access and opportunity gaps across the state, districts and schools.

How EVAAS Helps Families

SAS helps schools build partnerships with families and better communicate students’ progress. EVAAS helps families:

  • Collaborate with educators to inform educational pathways.
  • View their students' past academic performance across multiple assessments, grades and subjects.
  • Understand their students' current trajectory toward reaching future academic benchmarks.
  • Identify areas where individualized supports, interventions or challenges are needed to help students reach their potential.

Key Features

Benefit from a SAS team with more than 20 years' experience delivering educational analyses and visualizations to a variety of states and districts. SAS EVAAS for K-12 is a comprehensive solution based on expert research, consulting and professional learning. The solution goes beyond providing a reflective look at district, school and teacher data to deliver diagnostic and predictive insights that enable educators, administrators, policymakers and parents to accelerate student learning.

Linking student data

Incorporate multiple sources of student data – e.g., state summative assessments, interim/diagnostic assessments, college readiness assessments, student characteristics – into a single web application.

Data visualization

Use comprehensive visuals to support states and districts and provide user-friendly reports that support data use. Dig deeper into student growth metrics to understand past performance and plan for students’ future success at numerous academic milestones.

Statistically robust modeling approach

Minimize the impact of measurement error, missing student data and student/teacher mobility. Get valuable diagnostic information to understand the influence of different programs and instruction on different groups of students.

Interactive tools

Provide educators, leaders and policymakers with dozens of interactive reports on: student growth at the teacher, school and district levels; trends in results across different student groups; students’ current trajectory toward reaching future academic benchmarks; and human capital trends.

Learning Loss & Recovery

Explore how analytics is helping educators understand the pandemic's impact on K-12 students – and find solutions to aid recovery.

SAS EVAAS for K-12 allows us to shrink the gap between education rhetoric and education reform; it allows us to utilize the vast amounts of educational data available to make our schooling as effective as possible, ensuring every student receives the best education possible. James B. Hunt, Jr. Former Governor of North Carolina

Customer Success

  • Michigan’s Anchor Bay & Armada Area School Districts

    Nudging students and school districts toward unimagined success

    Using SAS EVAAS for K-12 was instrumental in both Anchor Bay and Armada Area school districts’ evolutions in monitoring academic growth and identifying students who could benefit from additional support, enrichment or a nudge to help get them on a better path forward.

  • Longview & Austin, TX, School Districts

    Analyzing student test data to improve student growth

    SAS is helping Longview and Austin, TX, school districts use value-added analysis to follow individual student progress, then use that information to increase educational effectiveness.

  • State of Tennessee

    Predicting K-12 academic performance to develop individual plans to help each student succeed

    SAS helped Tennessee develop the state's educational value-added assessment system (TVAAS), which enables educators to collect and analyze data for making more informed decisions about the appropriate path for each student and act on those decisions with confidence.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education

    Using analytics to help students and teachers reach their full potential

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education uses SAS EVAAS for K-12 to make sound instructional choices and foster student growth.

  • Union Middle School

    Turning things around at a low-performing middle school

    Union Middle School in Sampson County, NC, uses SAS EVAAS reports and student projections to gain insights for improving student growth and attendance and providing strong professional development for teachers.

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