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SAS & Knowit

Knowit is a partner with SAS Institute across the Nordic region. Knowit – Creating the New Solutions. KnowITs aspiration is to improve decision-making quality in Nordic organizations and thereby delivering better outcomes for people, businesses, and the society. Knowit aim at helping specific roles cross-industry with analytics related issues in turn-key projects, classic resource-projects and SAS modernization. Knowit helps converting Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business and has more than 65 SAS consultants across Nordics (onsite in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland).

Focus Area
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Data Management 

Banking/Financial Services, Cross Industry


Knowit is one of SAS’ primary Partners around GDPR supporting organisations with services from initial assessment, e.g. Nuläge+, through advising and prioritizing areas of focus and how to prepare the organisation towards GDPR compliance.

Knowit has a broad range of SAS competency; both around solutions and industry application of those.

Knowit offers SAS solution within Text Analytics as a Service that companies and organisations can use to increase their knowledge of customers, sentiment, trending topics and special areas allowing organisations, both private and public to know their customers and citizens even better.

About Knowit

Knowit is a consultancy firm that creates unique customer value in a world of accelerating digitization, by offering international solutions in three divisions – Experience, Insight and Solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting and IT. Knowit has around 1850 employees and operates in 14 locations in Sweden, five in Norway and one each in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Germany. Knowit AB is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm.