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Our commitment to innovation is strong in everything we do

Innovation at SAS

By continuing to ask bold questions, remaining resilient and prioritizing data-driven decisions, we are creating innovative opportunities to drive positive change.

Responsible Innovation

A drive to create. A duty to care.

As one of the first AI and analytics companies – and now the market leader with the most trusted analytics platform – SAS is committed to working with customers, partners and academia to increase the awareness of, and necessity for, technology that is ethical, equitable and sustainable for individuals and societies.

Technology Innovation

True advancements in technology push boundaries, challenge the status quo and change the way you live.

Cloud Analytics

Whichever cloud option you choose, we tune the solution to your requirements so you can focus on solving your analytic challenges and quickly realize value.

Advanced Analytics

SAS commands a 33% market share in advanced analytics, more than twice that of our competitors, because our software is infused with innovative algorithms that can solve your toughest problems.

Artificial Intelligence

SAS has been amplifying human efforts with artificial intelligence for years – bringing transformational change to every arena of business and society.

Internet of Things

With SAS, you can respond quickly and confidently in the connected world, and claim new IoT market opportunities as you tap into the full potential of all your data.

The power of SAS for is now in one easy-to-use data and AI platform. With the speed and convenience of being entirely cloud native.

Social Innovation

Analytics solutions that use data in meaningful ways are making an impact.

Applying data for social good is solving humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.

What are you curious about? From planting the seeds of innovation to exploring inequities and mental health needs, we are making a difference.

SAS and IIASA have a  shared vision for saving the Amazon, by bringing together humans and AI to detect deforestation.

Corporate Innovation

SAS is committed to improving our communities, the economy and the environment.

Award-Winning Culture

Our culture has always been an integral part of who we are as a company, connecting the curious nature that gave us our start, and the spirit of innovation that moves us forward.

Education Outreach

Our long-standing commitment to education is helping put a focus on building a data literate future, closing the analytics skills gap, encouraging earlier interest in STEM and improving reading proficiency.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking full responsibility to act ethically when considering our economic, environmental and social impact on the world has always been a top priority for SAS.

2023 Annual Report and Corporate Overview

Leading with data and AI

SAS continues to advance our technologies and bring trusted analytics to companies that impact our everyday lives - so that customers can count on us when it matters most.