Reduce model risk and increase business value.

Get a complete model risk management solution that includes a centralized model inventory and model assessment capabilities.

Centralize model information management. 

Establish a centralized model inventory that supports your internal policies and procedures across all business units. The solution's robust infrastructure includes permissions, version control and data mining capabilities. And you can import attributes and metadata – e.g., model limitation scoring, validation results and criticality ratings – from any type of model developed in any technology.

Document and track models throughout the model life cycle. 

Effectively track model issues, concerns, challenges and remediation with a rigorous model review and validation process that satisfies regulatory principles and expectations. A single source of model documentation consistently records the review and validation process, which can be can be examined at various levels, including model lineage, version, business line, model owner and more.

Gain greater insight into model risk concentrations. 

Analyze thousands of data points – using both quantitative and qualitative data – to gain greater insight into your organization’s model risk concentrations. Interactive visualizations tell your model risk story clearly and accurately to broaden institutional awareness and facilitate appropriate board-level oversight. And users can easily drill down through reports to learn more.

Keep pace with changing risk policies and regulations. 

Quickly tune your model review and validation practices to stay on top of ever-changing risk policies and regulatory requirements. Governance tools help enforce appropriate signoffs, legal reviews and testing on a consolidated platform. 


Get clear, enterprise-level oversight throughout the model life cycle. Keep executive management and regulators up to date on model status across all risk categories. And gain valuable insight for making precise risk-reward decisions.

Comprehensive risk data management 

Ensures that the data used to develop, validate and monitor your models is complete, accurate and timely, appropriately aggregated and effectively governed.

Centralized model inventory 

Provides complete document and workflow management, regardless of model type, source or development technology.

Model review & validation

Governance tools enforce appropriate signoffs, legal reviews and testing on a consolidated platform that records the entire conversation.

Data governance & metadata management

Includes integrated business glossary, SAS and third-party metadata management, and lineage visualization.

Model usage tracking & change management capabilities

Adapt and implement policies to accommodate changing regulatory guidance on model development, validation, implementation, monitoring and change management.


Provides data exploration capabilities that let you design and distribute meaningful data visualization reports.

RiskTech100® Awards

Chartis Again Names SAS a RiskTech100 Award Winner

SAS is the only vendor to earn a Top 5 rank in the Chartis RiskTech100 each year since its 2005 debut. SAS also won five solution categories – Balance Sheet Risk Management, Model Risk Management, Enterprise Stress Testing, IFRS 9 and Risk & Finance Integration.

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