Live Web - System Requirements

Technical requirements

For Audio

  • We recommend using VoIP for best performance with Zoom Live Web meetings. Computer speakers, USB headset with microphone, or headphones. Microphone is optional but encouraged for speaking with instructor. A text chat service is provided.
  • If computer audio is not an option, you may use a phone line to dial into the audio conference (Zoom provides local and international numbers; these are not toll free).
  • Note: We do not recommend using cell phones to join the audio conference. Telephone calls count against your available minutes with most providers. Please contact your provider for details on your specific plan. SAS is not responsible for overages or other costs incurred related to cell phone use.

For Web

  • Minimum bandwidth DSL/cable at least 5Mbps connection (wired connection recommended)
  • OS: Windows 10/8, Mac OS X 10.13 – macOS 10.15+
  • Browser: Only Chrome browser will be fully featured to use with Zoom. Any other browser will not provide audio, so you would need to use a phone connection to get the audio if you do not use Chrome browser.

Test your system
Please complete the test(s) below to ensure that your computer can access the Live Web class.

Web Conference Test

Virtual Lab Test

What students can expect

  • You will receive an Instructions e-mail on how to join your class 4 business days in advance.
  • Course materials are provided via your Instruction email.
  • Plan to join your class at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Understand how to participate in the class.
  • For Live Web technical support, call 919-531-9338 or e-mail us.


  • Non-registered students are not permitted to view a Live Web class. SAS may disconnect without refund any students who broadcast a class to non-registered students.
  • The use of recording equipment is strictly prohibited during a Live Web class. SAS reserves the right to record the class for future rebroadcast.
  • Cancellation policy

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