Orchestrate calculations, generate reports and perform management overlays.

Programming interfaces, European Banking Authority (EBA) Data Point Model (DPM) content and report templates, designed to work with SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench to meet regulatory report generation, data validation and submission format requirements.

Out-of-the-box reporting templates

Provides templates that address five DPM-based reporting frameworks: COREP (own funds, leverage ratio, large exposures and liquidity reports); FINREP (financial reports); asset encumbrance; supervisory benchmark portfolio; and funding plans.

Support for reporting submission cycle

Enables users to view and adjust results within workflows – such as manually adding or overriding cell-level data – and produce final report packages in XBRL as required for electronic submission.

Quality reporting workflows

Lets you perform data sufficiency checks and use validation rules to generate complete, accurate reports.

Regular updates

Publishes regular content updates to match DPM taxonomy versions and minor updates when they are published by the EBA.

Backward integration with SAS® risk solutions

Integrates with other solutions – e.g., SAS Regulatory Risk Management and SAS Asset and Liability Management – for generating calculated and aggregated data for certain own funds and liquidity reports.

Meet regulatory deadlines while improving transparency and reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Meet EBA reporting requirements, and gain business value.

Banks in most EU countries are required to comply with a set of technical standards for supervisory reporting established by the EBA. While banks are focused primarily on meeting the EBA supervisory reporting requirements, expediting implementation and reducing maintenance costs related to the requirements can yield significant business value. SAS Regulatory Content for EBA Taxonomies works with SAS Risk and Finance Workbench to help you meet the reporting requirements and gain business value beyond compliance.

Accelerate reporting submissions, and get fast results.

SAS Regulatory Content for EBA Taxonomies provides a scalable, integrated workflow that minimizes costs, optimizes time to value, and offers greater transparency that directly benefits investor relations, enhances competitive advantage and increases shareholder value.

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