Achieve improved asset & liability management with a powerful, integrated system for better balance sheet integration

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SAS Asset and Liability Management

Discover our solutions for effective asset and liability management (ALM) and liquidity risk management, with integrated balance sheet capabilities – in a powerful, cloud-native, modular and transparent solution.

Key Features

Expand beyond core ALM and liquidity risk management with enhanced, forward-looking interest rate risk measures and scenario-based balance sheet analytics.

Comprehensive ALM & liquidity risk management capabilities

Offers scenario-based ALM and liquidity risk management with both static and dynamic balance sheet assumptions.

Cloud native

Provides scalable, resilient analytics with reduced maintenance overhead using a modular, microservices-based architecture.

Highly automated

Enables both ad hoc analyses and fully automated daily production runs with sophisticated error detection, process monitoring and calculation transparency for meeting regulatory requirements.

Open & flexible

Provides a robust analytics architecture with built-in cash flow generation logic. Supports integration of open source, in-house proprietary, and third-party libraries and risk models.

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