SAS® Business Analytics Features

Data access

  • Provides access to data from more than 60 data sources, including relational and nonrelational databases, PC files, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift and data warehouse appliances with a single SAS Business Analytics license.
  • Provides direct, secure data access with native interfaces and integration standards.
  • Supports business decisions with complete, consistent, up-to-date and accurate data.

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Self-service data preparation

  • Provides an interactive, self-service, easy-to-use interface for profiling, cleansing and blending data using a GUI.
  • Enables full integration with your analytics pipeline.
  • Provides access to data lineage with network diagrams.
  • Enables you to reuse, schedule and monitor jobs.

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Visual data exploration & insights deployment

  • Provides an integrated environment for self-service data discovery, reporting and world class analytics.
  • Delivers easy-to-use predictive analytics with “smart algorithms.”
  • Enables data exploration and information sharing via email, web browser, Microsoft Office or mobile devices.
  • Provides web-based administration, monitoring and governance of a single platform.

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Approachable analytics

  • Provides access to advanced analytic capabilities without coding, including:                                        
    • Correlations.
    • Forecasting.
    • Scenario analysis.
    • Decision trees.
    • Text analysis.
    • Automated goal seeking (an advanced SAS Forecasting feature).