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SAS & Ethos Connected

SAS® Analytics for IoT integrated with Ethos Connected (formally Paige Wireless) carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and advanced sensor technology, are helping local governments prevent escalating threats to life, property and commerce.

By providing compelling insights that enhance early alerting systems and enable preventative action and real-time responsiveness, local governments can solve community-centered challenges like those that affect agriculture, economic development, and smart governments.


Ethos Connected and SAS solutions give local governments easy access to past and current data from floods in their area. Using Ethos Connected LoRaWAN network, sensors transmit data in real-time to track water level and weather data, alerting emergency managers when there is a potential problem. SAS AI provides analytics to help predict what problems may arise during the next flooding event. To build upon the data and analytics model, data visualization software provides easy to understand dashboards for monitoring data and alerting during potential flood events.

This comprehensive solution allows local governments to make the best decisions to keep citizens and infrastructure safe.

The flood solution provides customers with:

  • Insightful and interactive visualizations that highlight current dry and wet conditions.
  • An alerting system that notifies emergency workers and citizens about rising water for quick response to dangerous situations.
  • Automatic, large-scale forecasting that uses predictive modeling for the most accurate forecasts.
  • A solution that builds the most accurate models for current and future situations.

Focus Area
Analytics, Big Data, Data Management, IoT

Agriculture, Energy, Smart Cities/Government, Transportation, Logistics



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About Ethos Connected

Ethos Connected is the most comprehensive full-service IoT connectivity solution in North America. The company helps organizations in under-served industrial verticals, government agencies, and local communities leverage technology to address complex problems impacting the food we eat, the water we drink, and more.

Ethos provides consultative support and strategic guidance, along with the largest, contiguous carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in North America, advanced sensor technology, and predictive analytics. Customers can leverage this technology for remote data collection, task automation, security and asset management, resource control and more to maintain quality performance, ensure uptime for critical services (over 99.9%), increase resilience to unforeseen events, and consistently deliver a return on investment.