An end-to-end customer due diligence (CDD) solution powered by superior analytics.

Maximize the effectiveness of your anti-money laundering program with enhanced customer intelligence and streamlined CDD/EDD processes across the customer life cycle.

Take a risk-based approach to customer monitoring.

The SAS Customer Due Diligence solution automatically creates a risk profile for each customer with intelligent risk categorization approaches based on your institution’s risk policies. Customer populations are segmented into bands based on risk scores (high, medium, low). This enables you to fully understand the risks within your customer base, actively monitor ongoing customer activity and perform efficient periodic reviews that are in line with the true risk your institution faces.

Ensure comprehensive risk coverage.

Analysts can accurately assess customer risk with prebuilt, analytically driven customer risk rating models. Additionally, administrative users can create, govern and update customer monitoring scenarios with a built-in visual scenario builder. Proven scenarios combined with advanced analytic risk rating models give your institution more comprehensive risk coverage.

Conduct efficient, enhanced due diligence (EDD) investigations.

With the SAS Customer Due Diligence solution, you can modify risk classifications and create manual reviews if required as a part of deep-dive analysis. Analysts can manually set the next periodic review date within the customer's profile. The preconfigured EDD review workflows enable analysts to centralize and streamline EDD processes.

Gain a single view of the customer.

Resolve entities using advanced analytics to look at multiple data sources and references to a customer and account for inconsistencies, errors, abbreviations and incomplete records to help determine if they relate to the same entity. Analysts can rapidly uncover risky entities with network and entity generation processes that automatically build network diagrams and reveal hidden relationships. The customer risk dashboard provides a holistic visualization of the entire customer risk profile to provide analysts with the information needed to make faster, more informed decisions.

Improve the efficiency of investigations.

Empower anti-money laundering analysts with an integrated, configurable and user-friendly alert and case management platform. Self-service capabilities and intelligently prioritized alerts enable efficient triage, investigation and disposition. In addition to preconfigured user interface screens, administrative users can use the interactive drag-and-drop page builder to configure settings, views and workflows to tailor the application for unique business or user requirements.

Ensure transparency.

Open-box (transparent) customer risk rating models help ensure success with internal model governance boards and external regulators. The SAS Customer Due Diligence solution provides complete customer review reports for outcome auditing and compliance purposes.


Protect your institution by continuously assessing the risk of a customer relationship through comprehensive screening, periodic reviews of risky entities, and the use of workflows and reporting to automate risk reviews.

Continuous event-based risk rating of entities

Provides complete customer life cycle risk coverage – from initial onboarding to ongoing CDD to EDD efforts. Allows analysts to review events when they happen – not over longer time intervals. Continuously monitors and alerts analysts to changes in a customer’s risk rating for further review.

Holistic view of risk

Offers a network view and visual representation of all entities and associated parties for a complete picture of potential risk and more in-depth due diligence. Sophisticated visualization capabilities allow analysts to quickly spot and monitor beneficial owners.

Integrated alert & case management

Enables speedy resolution of reviews with preconfigured workflows. Supports robotic process automation, alert hibernation and automated alert prioritization.

Enriched customer profiles

Shares a common data model with SAS Anti-Money Laundering. Enriches customer profiles through consolidation of customer information from disparate systems for accurate, up-to-date and valuable information, allowing analysts to increase transparency and reduce risk.

Cloud-native, elastic & scalable

Helps contain costs of compliance by running on an elastic, scalable platform for public and private clouds. Rapidly processes large data sets and accelerates the complex analytics life cycle, from data preparation to discovery to deployment. The elasticity of compute and data environments supports growth in transaction volumes and complexity of model validation.

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