SAS and ADLINK are working together to deliver integrated IoT analytics capabilities for manufacturing and other industries that realize value from nonstop, real-time, analytics-driven monitoring at the edge. Building on years of experience working directly with manufacturers, we have developed our first joint solution: a turn-key, on-premises CNC machine monitoring solution that delivers immediate value the moment it is activated. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also intuitive and easy to use. This fully integrated single system, Edge MCM Quick Start, acquires and analyzes vibration data for proactive CNC machine maintenance using a bundle of advanced capabilities. Results include: reduced unplanned downtime and opportunity costs; elimination of manual inspections by managing assets remotely; achieving predictive insights with aggregated data over time; and future-proofing systems that scale from simple monitoring to predictive analysis.

Focus Area
Artificial Intelligence, IoT

Manufacturing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Transportation


Intelligent Manufacturing with Edge MCM Quick Start


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