Insurance Risk Management

Optimize risk management. Align actuarial, underwriting and finance functions. Meet regulatory demands and financial reporting standards.

How SAS® Delivers Better Insurance Risk Management

Only SAS delivers comprehensive risk solutions that include AI and best practices to help you align strategies and goals across finance, risk, actuarial and regulatory compliance functions. With SAS, you can reduce the time and cost of compliance by ensuring data consistency, transparency and complete traceability, helping you maintain a competitive advantage.

Regulatory risk management

  • Ensure Solvency II compliance with full support for data quality and reporting requirements, and incorporate any other Solvency directive.
  • Extract, integrate and validate risk data from almost any source.
  • Ensure transparency and traceability across the entire process.
  • Handle stress testing capital requirements.

Financial reporting

  • Meet all IFRS 17/LDTI requirements for direct insurance and reinsurance, integrating risk and finance calculations and bridging the gap between actuarial and accounting systems.
  • Better manage data collection and validation.
  • Improve workflow management, supporting the orchestration of job flows, and take advantage of dynamic disclosures and dashboards to drill down into details.
  • Generate cash flows as a starting point for IFRS 17 calculations.
  • Use a built-in subledger to stage validated results for accounting system posting, allocation and aggregation, including preposting reports – aligned with your firm's accounting system – that support both multi-GAAP and multicurrency reporting.

Actuarial ratemaking & loss reserving

  • Develop tariff models faster through an agile methodology that includes machine-learning techniques and high-performance simulation capabilities.
  • Deploy tariffs into production quickly with the ability to embed complex models for real-time pricing optimization.
  • Utilize reserving capabilities for complete integration with existing data assets and in-house reserve analysis to provide one version of the truth, with a full audit trail of actuarial decisions and reproducibility of the IBNR calculation and models.
  • Monitor process and sign-off decisions, as well as automate and disseminate management reports, using an actuarial dashboard. Integrate with the rest of the business and get real-time feedback on reserving analysis decisions.

Why SAS® for insurance risk management?

SAS enables you to put on-demand, high-performance insurance risk analytics in the hands of your CRO and risk professionals. Balance short- and long-term strategies – while addressing changing regulatory requirements – with confidence.

Establish a firmwide risk technology foundation

Update legacy processes with a modernized risk and finance infrastructure that supports scalable, high-quality data, workflow, analytics and reporting.

Integrate risk & finance

A common platform supports Solvency II, IFRS 17/9 and LDTI, as well as other regulatory requirements, such as Risk Based Capital (e.g., ICS 2.0, C-ROSS, LAGIC) and Statutory Reporting (for US insurers).

Improve regulatory risk management processes for Solvency II compliance

SAS supports compliance for regulatory mandates, including Solvency II and similar directives.

Incorporate AI

Use AI and machine learning for competitive tariffs, optimized portfolios, real-time pricing, IBNR calculations and automated reserving processes.

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