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RiskTech100® Awards

Chartis Again Names SAS a RiskTech100 Award Winner

SAS is the only vendor to earn a Top 5 rank in the Chartis RiskTech100 each year since its 2005 debut. SAS also won three solution categories – Risk and Finance Integration, IFRS 9 and Trade-Based AML – for 2022, and was a category leader for Model Risk Management in 2021.

How a Bank's CRO Uses SAS

Streamline and automate processes for an agile adaptation to evolving market conditions.

Meet regulatory requirements while increasing profitability, improving efficiency and optimizing capital.

Create tangible business value by adopting a unifying, open and transparent platform that executes the full risk life cycle.

Featured Customer

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank uses SAS to manage risk and move faster in the marketplace.

We needed highly trusted information that we could access quickly, without worrying about the integrity, reliability or timeliness of it. Taso Corolis Head of Risk Analytics

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Facts & Figures


loan portfolio & credit risk data moved to one platform in a few months

1 centralized

credit risk modeling environment


in errors, omissions & maintenance costs

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