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Fraud & Financial Crimes Compliance for Banks

Superior detection. Better prevention. Trusted protection.

How SAS Delivers Better Fraud & Financial Crimes Compliance

Enhanced fraud detection. Efficient, effective investigations. Consolidated suspicious activity monitoring and reporting. Proactive protection through advanced analytics, AI, machine learning and regtech technologies.

Anti-money laundering

  • Adopt an advanced strategy for detecting suspicious transactions in areas such as AML, CFT sanctions screening and beneficial ownership.
  • Take a risk-based approach using hybrid analytics to manage alerts, test scenarios, respond faster to evolving risks and comply with banking regulations.

Identity & digital fraud

  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers to better balance security and convenience.
  • Detect and adapt to new identity fraud trends in real time.
  • Centrally access and manage third-party identity data.
  • Reduce false positives with layered analytic methods.
  • Easily scale with custom-built or plug-and-play strategies.

Payments fraud

  • Find fraud early through embedded machine learning capabilities that adapt to changes in customer transactions and behavior.
  • Address the proliferation of identity theft and synthetic identities.
  • Find more fraud and reduce false positives by processing all data – in real time or in batch – using a powerful fraud analytics engine with embedded AI and machine learning techniques.

Why do banks choose SAS for fraud & financial crimes compliance solutions?

Find fraud faster. Stop it sooner. All while reducing false positives and improving the efficiency of investigations.

Get cross-channel visibility

Aggregate and cleanse internal and external data from all relevant sources with a single, integrated analytics platform.

Score 100% of all transactions on demand

Get real-time integration to authorization systems around the globe and use an online scoring engine that scores data in real time for greater accuracy.

Visualize linkages among seemingly unrelated transactions

Uncover previously unknown relationships using link analysis and continuous, automated, event-based monitoring.

Find more fraud

Implement a hybrid analytic approach that uses multilayered detection methods to find fraud at the individual transaction, account, customer and/or network level.

Customer Success

Look Who's Using SAS for Fraud & Financial Crimes Compliance

  • Using layered detection to cut third-party fraud by more than 80%

    Axcess Financial uses SAS Identity 360 to dramatically reduce fraud losses and boost customer satisfaction. Richard Cooney, Fraud Director at Axcess Financial, says, "Speed accuracy and the ability to detect new attacks quickly are essential for being effective in the digital space. SAS gives us the ability to do that."

  • Preventing payment card fraud one transaction at a time

    Nets uses SAS for advanced fraud detection, enabling better security and customer satisfaction – and the lowest payment card fraud levels in Europe.

  • Fighting financial crime through a global anti-money laundering platform

    Bangkok Bank uses advanced analytics from SAS to meet expanding AML requirements for global operations and to ensure that compliance keeps up with changing regulatory frameworks.

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