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Why choose SAS for education analytics?

Data and analytics are essential for anticipating the future and responding proactively to changing trends in the dynamic world of education. SAS is helping education institutions move beyond merely collecting and reporting on data to applying sophisticated analytics that can bring about systemic improvements. With industry expertise and analytic solutions built specifically for education, SAS empowers education leaders to glean deeper insights from better data to improve student outcomes across the education continuum.

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Changing the data conversation in Ohio schools

In the dynamic landscape of education, harnessing the power of data has become crucial for student success. Data is used in measuring effectiveness, identifying areas of improvement, student advocacy, scheduling and student success planning. However, for many educators, data can feel like a barrier to success rather than an enabler. An Ohio Educational Service Center (ESC) has changed this mindset by redefining the data conversation in its schools.

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Education analytics from SAS enables you to make proactive decisions based on the most reliable data.


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Supporting Education Decisions With Industry-Leading Analytics

Whether you're in K-12 education or higher education, SAS offers education analytics solutions that enable across-the-board improvements. Benefit from a complete view of your students and educational system. Use trusted analytics to uncover insights for increasing operational and student success. Foster systematic improvements to optimize student outcomes.

Student Success

Analyze, identify and predict trends and take action to improve student outcomes.

Educator Workforce Development

Define the current state of the workforce, project future needs and pinpoint gaps.

School Performance Management

Evaluate program effectiveness and highlight student growth through transparent school performance modeling and reporting.

P-20 Data Systems

Connect, analyze and report on longitudinal data from early childhood to workforce.

Institutional Research

Transform institutional data into timely, meaningful insights.

Academic Research

Enhance collaboration and productivity across the research life cycle.

Education Financial Management

Improve accuracy and transparency of financial data and forecasts.

Collegiate Athletics

Surface insights about your fans, donors, sponsors and athletes with a strong data and analytics strategy.

Customer Success

Look who's working smarter with SAS.

Enabling Technologies

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence

AI can automate complex tasks and unlock previously hidden insights across the spectrum of education data.  

Data Management

Get a complete, integrated and trusted view of all your data – spanning data integration, access, quality, preparation and governance.

Education Analytics in the Cloud

Optimize effectiveness with a complete range of cloud offerings and deployment options.

Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Through advanced IoT analytics with embedded event stream processing, SAS enables better management of facilities and campuses in real time.