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Digital Badging

Earn a digital badge from SAS, share it widely and connect with potential employers.

Instantly conveys your professional achievements

A globally recognized digital badge validates your skills and communicates your specialized training to peers and potential employers

Includes in-depth details on your qualifications

A digital badge is not merely a graphic to share on social media – it's a dynamic link backed by metadata that helps employers find specifics on your skills, training and accomplishments.

Connects you to employers looking for your skill set

Through our partnership with Credly, a SAS digital badge helps you find relevant job openings, connecting you with companies looking for your qualifications.

What you get with a SAS digital badge

Description of Accomplishment

Your badge describes your accomplishment and includes a link to help employers find more information on your skills.

Skills & Experience

At a glance, employers can see a list of your proven skills and understand your skill level so they can determine whether you'd be a good fit for a job.

Recommended Next Steps

Your journey doesn't end here. Digital badges help you discover more training, new career paths – or other ways to reach your goals.

List of Criteria

By outlining the criteria required for your badge, others can see what you've accomplished and the work you've invested in earning it.

SAS certification and skills directory

Make sure your achievements don’t go unrecognized. You will have the opportunity to display your badge in the SAS certification and skills directory, where you can broadcast your accomplishments to employers who could be a perfect match for you.

  • Earning & Claiming Your Badge

    STEP 1

    Complete the SAS training, analytics competition, certification or academic program required to earn a badge. 

    STEP 2

    Watch for an email from Credly with an invitation to accept your badge. Click the link, and create an account.

  • Putting Your Badge to Use

    STEP 3

    Share your badge on professional networking sites and update your résumé.

    STEP 4

    Visit the Credly website to find relevant job opportunities that match your new skills.

Types of Digital Badges


Awarded to those who show proficiency by passing one or more SAS certification exams.


Awarded to those who take and pass a training course from SAS, in most formats.


Awarded to those who compete in a SAS competition, such as the SAS-sponsored hackathons.


Awarded to college and university students and educators for completion of joint academic programs and initiatives.

Additional Resources

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Browse the course catalog by skill, SAS product or learning type.

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