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SAS Information Governance

Understand, create awareness of, control and manage data assets for business and IT users while protecting the data.

Regardless of source or where the data resides, enable users to find, catalog, engage and protect data that is most valuable for analysis.

Spend less time finding and assessing data, and more time analyzing it.

Analysts, data stewards and business users can easily find and discover data, reports, models and other analytics assets they need using metadata search and search results. With all assets at their disposal, users can quickly evaluate the fitness of the assets, see all data or information available for use, avoid rework, and evaluate and make informed choices for which data or information to use in an efficient, governed and secure manner.

Easily understand the impact of data on your analytic assets.

Get a business-level impact analysis view of the assets in SAS Information Catalog using the data lineage viewer. This analysis flow view displays assets in the context of their sources and outputs, as well as the relationships between them. The data lineage viewer shows how data transforms and flows as it is transported from source to destination across its entire life cycle. You can more easily govern data, strengthen trust by understanding changes to the data, and respond more easily to regulatory compliance requirements.

Ensure the correct data is ready for analysis – with less reliance on IT.

Flexible search capabilities allows you to use free text, previous search suggestions, filtered suggestions or faceted queries. Business-user-oriented search results provide detailed information on each data asset – including data health, data quality, key metrics, etc., at both table and column levels – giving users the confidence to decide whether it is the right data to use for their analysis.

Identify sensitive personal data.

SAS Information Governance also provides information for evaluating the fitness of data for intended purposes, enables easy onboarding and ingesting of new data assets, and ensures governance and monitoring of personal and confidential data with an information privacy assessment.

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Get a free, 14-day trial of SAS Viya, which includes SAS Information Governance, as well as capabilities for the entire analytics life cycle.

Key Features

Enabling analysts, data stewards and business users to find the data and analytic assets they need, while simultaneously protecting and evaluating its fitness for use.

Data catalog

Provides automated discovery agents that crawl data sources to discover data so you'll know what data is available.

Data preparation

Includes a self-service interface to built-in data quality and data integration tools. Provides a view of what data preparation is needed.

Automatic content classification & discovery of privacy data

Provides field content identification and classification using SAS Quality Knowledge Base.

Information discovery

Help users locate and get quick access to hard-to-find data, reports, models and other analytic assets.

Flexible search capabilities

Enables data consumers to search using free text or faceted search and apply filters on search results to refine their queries. Also allows users to use elastic search to find data assets.

One-click access to SAS® Viya® applications

Lets users go directly from selected data in the Information Catalog to the next application – e.g., to build an analytical pipeline or create a report.

Data lineage

Provides an end-to-end lineage – from data flow to data, report, model, and decision. This includes process jobs, such as data preparation plans, while viewing additional details, properties and other related objects for each lineage asset.

Open metadata & governance

A SAS Viya connector to Egeria lets users read new catalog objects into Egeria and establish relationships between them. Users can then share metadata among themselves and different tools, providing visibility and context around data to improve use, reuse and trust.

Cloud native

SAS Viya's architecture is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.

Available on Your Preferred Cloud Provider

Conquer all your analytics challenges with faster decisions in the cloud.

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