Foundation Tools

Providing strength and integration for SAS® products and solutions

SAS is an integrated system of software that enables you to do everything from accessing data across multiple sources to performing sophisticated analyses and delivering information across your organization. SAS foundation products are available as individual software modules, and they serve as the foundation for SAS solutions.


Base SAS®

A flexible and extensible fourth-generation programming language for data access, transformation and reporting, Base SAS forms the foundation for all SAS solutions.

SAS® AppDev Studio

An application development product that supports the creation of Java applications that leverage the back-end business analytics power of SAS.

SAS® Enterprise Guide

A powerful Windows client application that provides a GUI for transparently accessing the power of SAS.

SAS® Information Delivery Portal

Provides a single access point for aggregated information via a Web-based interface. It also includes point-and-click dashboard development.

SAS® Grid Manager

Provides enterprise job scheduling, workload balancing and the ability to parallelize application workloads across a virtual pool of resources in a distributed environment.

SAS® Studio

SAS Studio provides a web browser-based programming environment so writing and interacting with your SAS code has never been easier or faster, wherever you are.

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How SAS® Is Different

  • As part of an integrated framework, all SAS software components and services are managed from a single point, reducing the administrative effort for maintenance of applications, users and security.
  • With SAS, data consistency is assured because metadata is stored in a single metadata repository and is shared across all SAS technologies and solutions.
  • With SAS, you can license ready-to-use, specialized solutions or you can build your own applications to deliver the business intelligence and analyses you need.

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