AML Accelerator

Consortix is one of the leading financial crime consultancies in Europe. It provides unique value to clients relying on the combination of financial compliance expertise, IT and data science capabilities:

Transaction monitoring: Monitor transactions and events covering all AML/CTF areas with rules-based, behavioral and peer-based analytics techniques that lead to improved detection accuracy.

Watchlist management: Screen customers, persons, organizations and jurisdictions to identify them by watchlists. Reduce regulatory risk by using fuzzy matching algorithms, intelligent scoring and alert consolidation.

Customer due diligence: Collect customer data, perform dynamic risk analysis and assess the AML risk of complex customer relationships. Integrate with transaction monitoring and watchlist management for a complete risk-based approach.

Trade finance monitoring: Consortix presents a novel approach for combating trade-based money laundering and offers a complete solution.


Tier 2-4 Banking and Insurance

Focus Area
Risk-based AML solutions