Analytics in the Cloud for Public Sector

Increase flexibility and agility in a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Business Challenges

The public sector is under increasing pressure to implement new technologies quickly and efficiently. And the desire to move to cloud computing has gained significant momentum, especially because of cloud computing's potential to save a tremendous amount of time and money. But in the public sector, there are acquisition and security challenges associated with the cloud.  

How Cloud Computing From SAS Can Help

By partnering with SAS to leverage cloud technologies, governments can unlock critical value from their data in a way that’s flexible and best suits their needs and challenges. Whether it’s on-site, private, hosted in a public cloud or just paying for results as needed, cloud computing can provide the right-sized environment at the right price and help public sector agencies scale up or down quickly and efficiently.

  • Agility. Governments already have a large technical debt due to legacy systems. Cloud computing solutions from SAS can help you reap the benefits of analytics and gain better insights without making it worse. With computing resources and tools available on demand, applications and infrastructure can be developed, deployed, and scaled up or down with minimal sunk costs – and fewer legacy systems to maintain down the road.
  • Innovation. The cloud offers access to technologies, tools and applications without the trouble of having to install them in house.
  • Cost. Agencies that commit to the cloud in a big way can reduce their cost structure by about one-third compared with operating and depreciating data centers and related infrastructure.

Why SAS?

SAS has the experience and expertise to deliver cutting-edge public sector analytics via the cloud securely, in a way that works best for your organization:

  • Commitment to provide secure solutions. SAS is committed to providing secure solutions and hosted operations for all customers. We have invested significant effort into building a hosting environment that complies with NIST 800-53 (moderate), MARS-e and HIPAA standards/regulations. Throughout 2020 and beyond, we will continue our commitment to customers by planning for and investing in FedRAMP Moderate certification.
  • Software as a service (SaaS). With our SaaS offerings, you don't have to manage infrastructure, operating systems or software. You simply sign up, log in and get to work, focusing on your analytic challenges.
  • SAS Results. SAS Results combines award-winning SAS software and services to deliver powerful analytical insights. There's no software license or infrastructure to buy. Give us your data and explain your business problem; we'll give you answers you can act on.
  • Managed application services. If you have custom data or infrastructure requirements that off-the-shelf software can't address, we can help you design and manage your cloud services and solutions – in our cloud, your cloud or on-site. 
  • Cloud-specific SAS offerings. SAS works with major cloud infrastructure providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Oracle to streamline SAS deployments in public clouds. We also partner with a number of managed analytic service providers (MASPs) that offer specific cloud-based solutions.  

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