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Manufacturing Quality

Improve enterprise quality, lower the costs associated with poor quality and increase production yields.

How SAS Enables Better Manufacturing Quality

Get a consolidated view of quality across products, people, places and processes. Gain in-depth knowledge of customer perceptions. And detect potential problems early.

Enterprise quality data management

  • Get a single, comprehensive view of quality across the entire product life cycle.
  • Eliminate data silos and combine the voices of the process, product and customer.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured quality-related data from all sources.

Advanced early-warning analytics

  • Quickly combine and analyze huge quantities of data using predictive analytics with embedded AI.
  • Identify issues early, even before they occur, so you can proactively take corrective action to improve outcomes.
  • Use patented analytic models to detect emerging trends faster and more accurately than traditional early-warning techniques.

Predictive quality

  • Achieve advanced process control (APC) using predictive modeling techniques, including neural networking, regression analysis and clustering.
  • Automatically monitor the health of all manufacturing processes to help ensure continuous product quality.
  • Set up downstream processes based on upstream results to compensate for prior quality issues.

Root-cause analysis

  • Reduce scrap and increase production yield.
  • Gain deeper process understanding with a complete spectrum of market-leading advanced analytics tools – from exploratory analysis, to design of experiments with optimizers, to cause-and-effect tools.
  • Enable more uptime and smoother operations by using root-cause analysis to troubleshoot and correct issues fast.

Discover how manufacturing quality solutions from SAS can help you improve product quality, yield and OEE metrics by applying AI-embedded IoT analytics – no coding required.

Why choose SAS for improving manufacturing quality?

Enable and support your quality-driven strategy. Work quickly to address issues. Then link customer feedback and expectations with design, engineering, manufacturing and packaging.

Improve end-product quality

  • Drive continuous improvements in reliability, efficiency and end-product quality by combining and analyzing huge quantities of data using predictive modeling and analytics.
  • Ensure more uptime and smoother operations by using root-cause analysis to troubleshoot and correct issues fast.

Gain insight into real & perceived quality issues

  • Access and analyze all types of data – from call center systems, traditional news sites, social media forums or written records of service calls.

Increase yield & throughput

  • Focus on mission-critical issues and reduce costs by combining automated quality control measurement with monitoring, tracking and reporting. 
  • Integrate proven quality methodologies like lean and Six Sigma.

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Improving Manufacturing Quality With SAS

Transforming steelmaking through IoT analytics

SSAB is improving production efficiency, product quality and maintenance strategies using sensor data, along with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics from SAS.

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