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SAS cloud-based, quick start packages: Risk Modeling Accelerator and Scenario Impact Simulator 

The banking industry is at the forefront of the response to COVID-19. To make the right decisions that protect customers whilst safeguarding the banks future, you need fast, easy access to trusted analytics.

Existing risk models need to be adapted quickly given the rapidly changing behaviour of customers and macro-economic impacts on the balance sheet need to be sized and understood.

SAS has developed two cloud-based, quick start packages to enable your bank to quickly respond to the immediate vulnerabilities in your models, as well as conduct robust, rapid scenario analysis.

How the SAS cloud-based,
quick start packages work

Risk Modeling Accelerator 

Scenario Impact Simulator 

What can you achieve with
SAS Risk Modeling Accelerator?

Rapidly analyse the performance of existing models 

Recalibrate or redevelop models where necessary 

Deploy better models at pace – in a governed, efficient and transparent way. 

How to get started?



This demo shows how our risk modeling accelerator can provide you with early warning of balance sheet vulnerabilities.



Learn about strategic approaches to calculating credit risk in the context of COVID-19.

Solution Brief


Discover how to effectively monitor and react to dynamic business conditions.


What can Scenario Impact Simulator
give you?

A single environment covering the entire process from data collection, scenario management, model execution and reporting 

Prebuilt components for scenario analysis and stress testing 

Flexible dashboard reporting enabling strengthened governance and control 

How to get started?



Discover how SAS enables you to quickly analyze your performance over a wide range of scenarios and respond more confidently to uncertainties related to COVID-19.

White Paper


Discover how you can make better informed decisions through expanded scenario-based risk management.


Solution Brief


Find out how more streamlined scenario-based analysis can help you more confidently direct tactical and strategic planning during uncertain times.

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