SAS® Fraud Management

Detect and prevent fraud across the enterprise.

Understand customer fraud and risk behavior patterns across multiple lines of business. Using powerful advanced analytics on a single enterprise platform, you can score 100 percent of transactions and authorizations in real time to better combat enterprise payments fraud – while also lowering customer annoyance levels.


Fight enterprise fraud from a single platform.

Gain a holistic view of fraud by monitoring multiple brands, channels and lines of business from a single platform. A multiorganizational structure and flexible application program interface enable you to integrate siloed data sources, as well as accommodate different strategies and operational requirements for diverse portfolios and product lines across your entire organization.

Detect more fraud, inconvenience customers less.

A hybrid modeling approach uses your institution's data as part of the core model, then integrates pooled consortium data to create a better predictive model that is tuned to your organization. Our patented modeling techniques provide better fraud detection capabilities and greater model stability. And that means fewer false positives, which translates to less customer inconvenience.

Better understand customer behavior patterns.

A unique "signatures" approach captures customer behavior data from every source and analyzes it for patterns and inconsistencies every time a transaction is scored, so you can easily spot changes in behavior. Our patented modeling technology combines an ensemble of optimized neural networks with an adaptive segmentation scheme that evolves based on behavioral changes, and results in more robust models over time.

Score 100% of transactions in real time.

Real-time integration with authorization systems around the globe and the ability to score 100 percent of transactions in real time mean better, faster fraud detection – at the point of sale. Customized behavior profiling rules and scoring models to accurately assess and monitor the fraud risk associated with accounts and customers.


SAS Fraud Management shown on laptop
  • Real-time transaction scoring. Score 100 percent of transactions – purchase, payment and nonmonetary.
  • Sub-second response time. Get sustained, high throughput, even in high-volume environments.
  • Powerful advanced analytics. 
    • A unique "signatures" approach.
    • Advanced neural network modeling.
    • Hybrid modeling approach.
    • Champion/challenger functionality.
    • Ability to deploy and monitor multiple fraud models.

  • Integration with authorization systems. Seamless, real-time hot-listing and integration with authorization systems across the globe.
  • Extensive rule writing and reporting capabilities. Customize rules and reports with a fully configurable API.
  • Flexible alert and case management. Expand customer information and decision making into multiple business lines.
We’re very, very pleased with the results. SAS has been able to identify individual fraudulent transactions much more effectively than any other solution we’ve deployed.

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