SAS Workload Management Features List

Flexible Infrastructure

  • Decouples the computing infrastructure requirements from applications to allow business users to focus on their processes.
  • Allows nodes to be taken offline without disrupting the business.
  • Allows you to add computing resources incrementally to cost-effectively accommodate a growing number of users, as well as meet increased business needs.
  • Improves performance and scalability through the use of Kubernetes running on supported cloud infrastructures.​

SAS Workloads on SAS Viya

  • Applies Workload Management policies to workloads submitted for execution on SAS Viya Compute Servers.​
  • Provides workload load balancing for SAS Viya Compute Servers, prioritizing and improving throughput, response times and efficiency.​
  • Allows for SAS jobs that are preempted to be restarted.
  • Enables many SAS solutions and user-written programs to be easily configured for submission to a cluster of shared resources.
  • Includes a parameter on the batch plug-in for the SAS Viya command-line interface (CLI) that specifies a Workload Management queue.

Optimized & prioritized analytic computing on Kubernetes​

  • Identifies compute server nodes eligible for hosting pods to run SAS workloads based on node capacity, processing load and permitted usage.​
  • Allows administrators to define queue parameters to establish rules and policies that best service workloads submitted to nodes for execution.
  • Provides tenant-based job, queue, host and user management across SAS Viya nodes.
  • Ensures that there always exist at least one Workload Orchestrator manager available and that a Workload Orchestrator daemon set is running on each compute node.
  • Includes the SAS Workload Orchestrator plug in to the SAS Viya command-line interface (CLI) to perform Workload Management monitoring and management tasks.

Real-time monitoring and administration

  • Provides web-based Workload Management monitoring, management and administration tool to:​
    • Monitor and manage jobs.
    • Monitor and manage queues.​
    • Monitor and manage hosts.
    • View SAS Workload Management logs and specify logging levels.​
    • Configure SAS Workload Management resources.​