SAS & Cisco

Cisco and SAS are partnering in several strategic areas to help customers modernize their analytics architectures. SAS® Analytics on the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) integrates high-velocity delivery of information in real time. The benefits that result from conducting proof of concepts of SAS applications with Cisco technology include reliable scalability, reduced data center costs, and improved efficiencies that allow staff to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Banking/Financial Services, Energy/Utilities, Health and Life Sciences, and Health Care


SAS® Analytics and Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Things
Cisco and SAS provide a unique ability to help you take advantage of existing infrastructure, access data wherever it is, and provide real-time streaming analytics at the edge to the datacenter.

Cisco and SAS Edge-to-Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform

Why use an integrated, tested approach to IoT and edge-level analytics from Cisco and SAS? Customers are turning to us to:

  • Simplify edge-to-enterprise analytics infrastructure by deploying Cisco UCS and edge capabilities alongside SAS Analytics to support powerful processing in a proven, validated design.
  • Unlock value from the massive volumes of data generated through the IoT using a consistent, scalable architecture built on proven technology.
  • Align with established industry leaders who are collaborating to deliver world-class IoT solutions that are trusted, powerful, and secure.
  • Adopt predictive maintenance models for critical assets to optimize maintenance costs and ensure resource alignment and reliability.

Cisco and SAS Support the Entire IoT Analytics Lifecycle with Cisco Kinetic.

Add computing power anywhere in your distributed network with the Cisco Kinetic Edge & Fog Processing Module (EFM).

  • Connect and extract valuable data from devices and sensor across your environment.
  • Apply analytics and logic models on data-in-motion or data at rest anywhere, from edge to cloud.
  • Create business value by making sure the data is where you need it.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and SAS® Analytics
Gain powerful insights and make more timely, data-driven decisions with an integrated and scalable data analytics solution from Cisco and SAS.

This powerful, trusted solution enables line-of-business leaders and business users to generate actionable information quickly, across structured and unstructured data. Together, SAS and Cisco UCS put powerful analytics tools in the hands of stakeholders no matter where they are or what device they’re using. 


About Cisco

For the last 30 years, Cisco has built the infrastructure over which data travels the world. Most of that data resides within Cisco solutions. With an installed base of more than 50 million devices representing a combined investment of more than $180 billion, we are the company of choice for delivering data. We not only bring powerful data center solutions to small branch offices, we can leverage analytic capabilities at remote individual routers and even cameras.

It is this unique capability that allows analysis to begin the moment the data is sensed. This means that responsive actions can also be taken immediately. We are the only company with the footprint to bring analytics to data distributed throughout the network, the cloud - and everywhere in between.